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The Reindeer Flu

By: DirtBikeGirl

It was three days before Christmas, Santa knew what to do,

His own Christmas List, had a tweaking or two,

He’d checked on the sleigh, he’d checked on the Elves,

He’d checked on the toys, all sitting on shelves.

Everything was in order, everything was complete,

Just one last thing, before he’d rest his feet,

He headed out back, towards the Reindeer barn,

But what he found there, filled him with alarm!

The Reindeer were sleeping, in the middle of the day,

All curled up with blankets, all snuggled in the hay.

“Something’s not right! Something surely is wrong!”

“Reindeer don’t nap, when they’re healthy and strong!”

“Don’t worry ‘bout us Santa, you’ve go so much to do,”

“We’re resting up for Christmas, just catching a wink or two.”

“Go back into the workshop, go check on all the news,”

“We’re really very healthy, believe us please, please do!”

So Santa turned to go inside, but as he shut the door,

A sound came to his listening ears, he’d never heard before,

“I heard that sniff! I heard that cough! I heard that muffled sneeze!”

“You’re all a herd of healthy Reindeer, come on now PUHLEEZE!”

Comet’s nose is running, Blitzen has the chills,

Donder’s head is pounding, and Vixen’s taking pills!

Santa tried to think, he tried to plead, whatever could he do?

Christmas was approaching, and Rudolph’s nose was blue.

He ran for Mrs. Santa Claus, he shouted down the hall.

“Get your blankets, get your soup, go get your Tylenol!”

“Put on a pot of chicken stew, and bring some tissue too,”

“We’ve got a lot of work to do, to fix this Reindeer Flu!”

The Elves came in to lend a hand, and within no time at all,

The Reindeer were all better, even the very small.

“Yippee! Horay! Ya hoo hoo hoo! We’ve got this flu thing licked!”

“It’s Christmas Eve this hour, let’s get you Reindeer hitched!”

So remember this dear children, when you’re tucked in bed tonight,

The Reindeer still have sniffles, and hear them you just might.

So leave your cookies, and your milk, but do one more thing please,

Leave a tissue near the glass, in case the Reindeer sneeze.


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